Sunday, June 25, 2006

Person: Ivan the Waiter

When: Dinner time
Where: Il Chiostro dell’Avis, Mondolfo, Italy
By: Red

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Anonymous said...

Ivan is one of the highlights of the Il chisotro dell'Avis  restaurant situated in the small Italian village of Mondolfo in the Marche region. The other highlight is of course the food (the best in Italy). The food is prepared by Ivan’s brother Mauro. The products are all chosen with care, the vegetables come from their father’s garden the meat from the pasture next door. Whatever you order don’t forget the meat (la tagliata), it’s prepared so well and is of such quality that you will forget the traditional pizza and pasta.
Ivan is, like most Italians, a football fan and if you want to provoke him just say: “Zidane président”. He has some peculiar culinary habits such as not eating fish that swims! He is recognised because of this as a nightmare in fish restaurants and has earned the flattering nickname “Cavallo pazzo” meaning Crazy horse in English.

After you have eaten and drunk more than you should have, take a walk in the village and admire the fortress and the historical centre, this should help the digestion and help you sober up.

Posted by Darko Ribnikar