Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Film: Revolver

When: July 4, 2006
Where: Cinema/ DVD
By: Shamash http://honoraryjock.blogspot.com

still want to buy this...

Maybe you should get this instead


Red said...

It's quite the collection of uglies on this poster... Guy Ritchie is a one-trick pony.


Jon said...

I would strongly recommend that everyone clicks the Amazon link below the review and buys Revolver on DVD. Not just because it will help make that filthy fucking sellout Cooper King rich, but because the director's commentary is one of the most amazing director's commentaries of all time.  

Posted by Jon

* (asterisk) said...

Really? Is it better than Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi one? Cos that is officially the best ever (in my head).

Also, though, as much as I'm happy for Coop to get rich, your plan has one fatal flaw, Jon: it puts money in Guy Ritchie's pocket, too; and then he'll end up making more films. And that can't be good for anyone.

Cooper said...


Filthy fucking sellout here, checking in. You've all got good points. Perhaps I should buy Revolver, record the director's commentary, send it back, then send an MP3 of it to anyone who writes and tells me they've bought Goodfellas through that link. Then we'll all be happy (except Guy).

* (asterisk) said...

Great idea, Coop!

helen. said...

Guy Ritchie: "There's three columns. Green is the central column, white is right column, black is left column...Everything manifests in processes of three. So you got proton, neutron, electrons; sun, earth, moon; masculine, feminine.. child; positive, negative and filament. White blood cells are mercy, red blood cells are judgement."
What a twonker. 

Posted by helen.